so much yarn... so little time!


a winter's night

Completed using the pattern from this particular site, with a J-hook, and red heart yarn, worsted weight.
my first pair of socks, made because i saw her site. and also because the idea of crocheting socks seems like such a cool idea.
turned out to be a lot easier than i expected, once i dropped the idea of stopping each round and beginning the next. instead i went ahead and continued my rounds without stopping.


At 16/12/05, Blogger Sambean said...

very nice.
I love to crochet too. I am currently making an afghan for my son.

At 20/12/05, Blogger crafty_carolina_mama said...

Those are wonderfully done, and look much better than my first attempt. Good job! I found you through your link on crochetville's forum.

At 21/12/05, Blogger beanchild said...

Afghans are really cool, Sambean. They are what got me started in the whole crocheting thing. Enjoy making yours!!

At 21/12/05, Blogger beanchild said...

Wow, thanks for the compliment, Crafty_carolina_mama! Yes, crochetville has opened up a new horizon. I'm pretty happy to find a community of crocheters on-line. :)


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