so much yarn... so little time!


new addition

A new addition to the family has arrived.  Her name is Maude.

She needs a little bit of work before we can work together, but I already think she is great!



I've accumulated a stash of fiber...  This is some delicious camel that I have yet to spin, but I plan on beginning work on this in July.  :)


quick little bit

Usually when I knit, I use the continental style. However, lately I've gotten the yen to do some stranded colorwork, so figured it was time to learn english style.

These fingerless gloves started out as socks, and then I realized that I didn't have enough yarn to finish them. So I ripped them out and did an abbreviated version of Fetching.

They turned out okay, and gave me hope that knitting english style wasn't beyond my skill set. (Do ignore any un-evenness in the stitches, pls!) :)


placeholder, sort of

Just letting folks know that I haven't closed up shop. I have WIPs but nothing finished, except for a pair of socks that were lost but now are found. :)

I'll work on taking pictures of that pair, as well as doing some finishing on other stuff. Until then, I'll leave a riddle:

Thirty white horses upon a red hill
Now they champ, now they chomp
Now they stand still.

What are we?


clown colors

I couldn't get rid of the desire to modify the heel on the Intuitive Shell sock pattern. So here is another go, using up some yarn that had been waiting for such a time as this. :)

This time, I did the heel completely separately and whipstitched it in when I got to that part of the foot, heading up towards the cuff. It wasn't quite what I had in my head, but it didn't do too badly.

I'll be doing this pattern again for the sake of the heel. ...The slight obsession with this pattern amuses me a bit. Happily, it is a fun pattern to work with. I do enjoy the variations that are possible. :D


bias work

I was stashbusting again, and here is the result. I did have to buy some more yarn to finish this up, which means it wasn't totally stashbusting, but my end result was less yarn in my closet than when I started. Which means the goal of managing the stash before it manages me, is a bit closer. :)

The blanket was worked on the bias, using Caron Brites, and my trust J hook. That hook is a great tool; I love it!

Simple color changes along the way, and some random color bits thrown in for good measure. It is a cheery lap blanket, and I hope it makes the recipient smile. I certainly enjoyed putting it together.


eleanora of toledo

I started this project in January, and finished it a couple of weeks ago. It was long going, but I enjoyed the journey. I'd do these again, but not immediately. :)

Here are the finished Eleanora stockings:

With the cuff turned up, full length.

On my foot, cuff turned down as will be worn regularly.

And for those curious about the foot detail, I offer the following shot:

One reason that it'll be a little bit before I do these again has to do with the sizing. The stockings fit, however I like my footwear to be just a tad more snug. So before I do them again, I'll have to do some math to drop the initial stitch count a bit and then have that decrease continue proportionately.

This pattern is not for the faint of heart, and I would suggest very strongly that you already have some knowledge of sock knitting/construction before starting. That being said, if you like what you are seeing, grab needles and yarn and do this thing; it is definitely worth it!