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I tried the homespun again. First couple of efforts left me a little dissatisfied. But I was motivated by this cloche pattern. A freebie from Lionbrand, recommended by those stellar folk over at Crochetville.
Following the pattern's guage and hook size (9mm, then 10mm) as best I could, my finished hat still ended up a bit long in circumference. And even though I only did 8 rows of increasing instead of 9, the hat fits a little loose on my head; I guess my head is smaller than the average bear, er, head. Next time I will only do 7 rows of increases.
The color I definitely like. And this time around the homespun wasn't nearly as aggravating. I think using the larger hook was a boon. Another good thing about this project was that it worked up very quickly. Talk about instant gratification!

But I would be remiss if I didn't say, the homespun used for this hat was part of the gift by the one who has gnawed a space in my dried-out-raisin heart. ...And now that I am understanding about large hooks & this yarn, perhaps I will try socks again with it. Thanks, babe!


At 4/4/06, Blogger Leigh said...

That's a cute hat! I really like the color, and it looks so snuggly and warm. :)

At 4/4/06, Blogger beanchild said...

Glad you like it Leigh! And yup, it is quite snuggly & warm! lol!


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