so much yarn... so little time!



So my sister's friend is having a baby, and as a joint project, my sister bought the yarn, and I did the crochet-ing. Not a bad bargain in my eyes. It was a pretty sport-weight baby yarn, I'm pretty sure by Red Heart. (<--I like their yarn, specially their worsted weight.) And as shown in the first picture, I followed the pattern pretty closely.

But in the second pic, I did some modifications. Because I didn't really like making the diaper flap all that much. It required thought. lol! And I also wanted something that I could manipulate easy, if it was being worn by my baby. While the pattern's result isn't technically difficult to operate, babys are incredibly wiggly, and from my limited experience, putting clothes on them, or taking them off, or changing diapers (!!!!!) requires at least 3 arms/hands. So I ignored the decreases for the flap, and instead lengthened the one-piece so that when being worn, it would cover the diaper-clad areas, but not require extra buttoning. I also changed my yarn. Instead of the fine baby yarn, I tried a pompadour. True, it's not as soft as the yarn used for the green one-piece, but I think in the end it's a better deal because it'll last longer. Then again, due to the incredible speed at which babies grow... At any rate, I like this second result a little better. I think I'll write out the idea (my brain lets info out like water from a large-pore sieve) so I can try it again.

In case you wonder where the pink one-piece ended up, it took a voyage along with a purple hat over to the Pine Ridge rez.


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