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homespun hat

Firstly, yes this is another catch-up installment. Secondly, here is where I got the pattern. I was searching for a pattern for homespun, and I was looking for something rather quick. This hat fit the bill on both counts.

However, I have a few bones to pick with this pattern. Bone numero uno: although the designer made corrections, the top still ends up a bit pointy. It does rectify itself once the hat is put on, but while it is waiting to be worn I get the distinct impression that once I put it on I will look like a conehead. ...The grammar in that last sentence is a bit odd, but passons! Second bone that I have with this pattern is that it doesn't specify a single-color homespun. I used a varigated, and once the sides were sewn together one could clearly see the seam, because 1. of the nature of the varigated homespun, and 2. my inability to choose the correct starting point. No. 2, granted, is my own fault. But no. 1 could have been avoided with clearer instructions. Bone number three is made up of a couple of questions to the designer: did you have to do this hat from the brim up?? & why didn't you think in the round?? & what is up with the incredibly long brim?? I had to sew the brim way up past the required 5 rows so that the hat fit. Otherwise I looked like that Fat Albert character! You know, the one where all you saw of his face was his eyes.

Are these bones large? No. Do they stick in my throat making swallowing difficult? No. Yet bones they are and bones they do remain.

Even so, I'm thinking of doing this pattern again. To see if when I'm more careful, things turn out better. And to see what happens if I actually work this pattern in the round, starting from the crown, and also decreasing the amount of brim. Would my modifications change the pattern enough so that it would no longer be proprietary to Lion Brand??


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