so much yarn... so little time!


cotton blend yarn

scarf detail

I was browsing through Joanns Fabrics and saw their cotton/wool/acrylic blend (I think it's called Dolcetto? I'll check on that) and decided that I'd pick up a ball and give it a try. It was a pretty light green color and it called my name. And then once I got home, it stopped calling my name and thus began its residence in my yarn closet.

But under the influence of the urge to de-stash, I picked up the yarn and made a scarf. It turned out lovely and light. I have yet to wash it, so I have no idea how it will do in the machine (on gentle of course).

The pattern was simply rows of (dc then ch 1) interspersed with (sc then ch 1). The yarn was a worsted weight and the hook was an I (~5.5mm), if I remember aright.

cotton blend scarf


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