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toe socks

split toe socks
I like wearing my flip-flops to work, but I don't like the fact that my feet are freezing cold in my office. Here is one solution: split toe socks. These babies were done in a sport weight yarn, with an f-hook. I'm pretty sure the yarn is out of the Bernat 100% acrylic line.
The socks worked up pretty easily, except that I'm used to not having to worry about right vs left feet, and with these puppies, I had to worry about not making two of the same feet.
And if you were wondering, yes this is part of my de-stashing effort. This type of yarn usually goes towards my Stitches From the Heart work, but [whisper] I was getting burned out doing the hats and needed a change of pace[/whisper].
I do have a pattern written up for this, but it needs some work before I pronounce it good. If you're interested, let me know.


At 1/8/07, Blogger KnitFloozy said...

loving the toe socks!!!! i really wanna take the time and crochet now!!!!


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