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scarf swap

I took part in a scarf swap over at the Ville. It was cool. I got to crochet a couple scarves for a stranger. Happily she liked what I sent her. :) But this entry is not about what I sent, it is about what I got.

Yesterday I got home and a box was waiting for me on my porch. A red, cheery box. I opened it to find 2 scarves, a journal (which I will use for my crochet notes!!), the most recent issue of Crochet Today (woohoo!!!), and 3 balls of yarn (yum!!).

Isabelbell did an excellent job on both of them, and I look forward to wearing them proudly! *happy grin* Pictures follow directly, along with detail shots on the scarves.

The fringe is very very very nice on these scarves. See how it's actually crocheted on the grey one? How cool is that! And on the green one, the fringe seems to be woven through the entire scarf, which looks very warm, btw.


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