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vintage-type cardigan

In the post from 08.03.07, I posted a picture of the unfinished cardigan and one of the modules. However I didn't post a link to the original pattern (which I freely admit I... would "butchered" be too harsh of a word?). So here's that link: Crocheted Cardi. Having finished the garment, the pivotal question is not so much how much did I change from the pattern, but how much did I keep? And the answer is not much. I changed the pattern of the squares, the size of the gussets, the collar, and the edging. I also added buttons, lengthened the sleeves, and didn't taper them much (the idea of bunching gave me the heebie jeebies). I did drop a hook size and change the squares slightly for most of the sleeve squares, but there wasn't much of a noticeable difference.

The yarn used: Red Heart Super Saver, Fuschia. The hook used: H (~4.75mm) for the body squares and most of the edging, and G (~4.5mm) for most of the sleeve squares and some of the edging. <--But that was a mistake, using the G-hook on some of the edging, because I planned to use the bigger hook for all of the edging.
Enough of the talk, the pictures are below. Both shots were modeled by my friend, the ever genteel, and deliciously lovely, K. Thanks, K!


At 5/5/07, Blogger Diane Lovell said...

Just saw your link on Crochetville. I'm doing the same CAL but no where near finished.

Your cardy looks awesome!

At 10/5/07, Blogger beanchild said...

Thanks, Diane! :)


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