so much yarn... so little time!


big city yarn

Chicago is a fabulous place to visit. I highly recommend it. And if you've a yen for yarn, then definitely visit Loopy Yarns. The staff is great!! And the yarns just call out to be caressed and taken home. The little darlings that got my attention are above. The yellow is a simple cotton, and the blue is a soy yarn (my first time flirting with it). Over on the right, are 2 bits of sock-weight wool. The dye jobs represent different neighborhoods in Chicago, although that's not why I chose them; my familiarity with the city is very very slight, so I chose them on a purely visceral reaction: yum!

Another very cool thing about Loopy Yarns is that if you buy some yarn and the later find out you actually need more, the store will ship to you. Isn't that wonderful? Yup, I think so too.

...Some folk would travel miles for a haircut, I'd travel miles for yarn...


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