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Ahh, the joys of stashbusting!

I had some lovely washable wool left over from a previous project that was calling out to be knit into some socks. So I gave in to the call.

This is the post washing picture. The socks are soft and squishy, and if they were an inch shorter in the foot, it would have been so much harder to send them to their intended recipient. :)

The neat thing about this pair of socks (generic formula) is the heel. It's an afterthought type of heel, but not from steeking through a tube. Instead, I marked where I wanted the heel to be and knit in a different piece of yarn. Then I continued down to the end and finished with the normal toe. Once that was done, I went back to the stitches and the extra piece of yarn, pulled that yarn out and did another toe for the heel.

It's different, but I like it. I'll have to try it again, most definitely. :)


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