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small happy things

I have new little cousins, and it behooved me to make them something as a welcome-to-here gift. So I made two pairs of baby socks.

They were done from a generic infant sock pattern, mixed with a feather-and-fan baby sock pattern. Both are available at Knitting Pattern Central if you do a search. That is a great site, by the way. You should definitely check it out.

I used size 1 needles and Bernat's Baby yarn (two different colors). Socks are lots of fun to do, and baby socks even more fun because they go quickly. That being said, I made the socks on a deadline and it kinda sucked some of the joy out of them. Lol! By the time I grafted the last toe, I was so relieved!

But the gift was appreciated, and that made my heart so warm. :) That's why gift giving can be the best in the world, that feeling when the person smiles back and says thank you.


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