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modular modules

Over at the 'Ville, I saw this pattern. Being the lazy sod that I am, I didn't feel like doing the entire afghan; 189 hexagons are a heck of a lot to crochet! However I did want to play around with different shapes than squares, so I decided to do a baby afghan with the hexagons from this pattern.
The first shot is of an individual module, and the second shot comprises the entire thing.

In terms of more mundane details, I used a g-hook, instead of the h- or i-hook recommended, because I typically end up with a larger than suggested guage. But other than that, I followed the instructions for making the hexagon pretty closely, and lo, my modules turned out to be the correct size.
There ended up being 91 hexagons in this afghan, and the finished product measured approx. 3ft by 3ft.


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