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I hope there were no doubters among the faithful. Yesterday I finished up the 63-more square afghan! Yay me!

I arranged it to my liking and went to take a picture, only to be thwarted by the lack of functioning batteries. Which is why there is no picture of it gracing this post.

Instead, I give you pictures of the tote I did for my purse/tote swap partner, referenced a couple posts below. First pic involves the separate pieces, the second pic has the assembled pre-felted object, and the last pic has the finished beast. Yarn was Paton's Merino, pattern was a modified one (from LionBrand's website if I remember aright), and I can't remember what hook I used. Lol. Figures, right? It's written down in my notebook though, so if I remember, I'll find the note and post it here.


pre-felted tote felted tote


At 14/11/07, Blogger KnitFloozy said...

oh so cool! I like pink and brown!!!


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