so much yarn... so little time!



Yes, the stashbusting continues! It feels like forever since I've gone out and purchased new yarn for a new project! I did buy yarn a couple weeks ago for a swap I was involved with, and it was fun, but it didn't quite have the same feel as buying for a new project.
basketweave scarf

The yarn was Red Heart's Gemstone (worsted weight), the pattern a simple basketweave, and the hook was an I (5.5mm). I ran out of the yarn near the end, and ended up adding a couple rows of sc in black to give it a bit more length. It feels lovely, and is heavy enough to block out a winter's gust. Perhaps a gale might get through, but a gust will definitely be blocked. Lol.


At 14/8/07, Blogger KnitFloozy said...

im so proud of the stash busting....I am trying to so the same!

At 15/8/07, Blogger beanchild said...

thanks m'lady! best of luck to your stashbusting efforts!!


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