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koolhaas hat

I gave it a go. And it was good. Using a set of size 7 dpns and a size 5 circular, instead of the size 8 and 6 circulars respectively. I didn't have any yak yarn, so used acrylic from my stash (yay! for stashbusting!!).

It's too small for my head, and working the rounds with the dpns was giving me fits, so I will go and invest in the suggested tools to make the next one. :) That being said, I didn't really need a stitch marker when using the dpns, so that was a bonus.

I took pics, but imo they did not turn out as well as I had hoped. Trust me that the hat looks much better in person. :D

Enough text, here are the pics, no flash and flash respectively:

yellow koolhaas without flash

yellow koolhaas with flash


At 2/1/08, Blogger KnitFloozy said...

looking good im jealous...

At 14/1/08, Blogger urbanknitrix said...

Love the hat!!

At 18/2/08, Blogger Using-her-gift said...

These are nice hats!


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