so much yarn... so little time!


quick fix

This hat was a spur of the moment thing. It's my own pattern, a basic hat, but alternating spaces and hdcs. I haven't written it down yet, but perhaps I will. It's still in the testing phase actually. I've done this hat twice and they aren't quite the same. ...I'm not sure why...

At any rate, I had had the yarn in my stash for a while, and finally saw someone who I thought the colors would go with. And since I only had one skein of yarn, what better to make than a hat? Exactly.

The yarn is Yarn Bee's Mosaic, a bulky that works well with a N-hook (9mm). Not quite sure how it will wash up, since it is a wool/cotton/else blend, but I've learned from the last blend and will suggest it be hand washed.


At 12/6/08, Blogger Zola said...

Cool Beanchild


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