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sock attempts

Well I see it has been too long since I've posted. Shame on me! All I can say is that the holidays came swooping out of nowhere and carried me off to the land of not-enough-sleep, bad-food, good-company, and now I return exhausted. All in all, it was a good ride though. But enough of the personal tripe!

Here are a couple pairs of socks. I used the pattern found here (courtesy of David Demchuk's article in Knitty), and it is a pattern that I highly recommend for new sock knitters. It made the whole deal actually kind of fun.

The green pair has already been washed and worn (very comfy), and the white pair has yet to be washed. I used Wool-Ease, and a set of size 4 dpns.


At 8/1/08, Blogger KnitFloozy said... you're gonna make me complete my monkey socks I started...


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