so much yarn... so little time!



I had some Blue Sky alpaca/silk sock yarn in my stash. It was given as a gift and I just couldn't find the right pattern to use it with. And then this past winter I got the Interweave Holiday Knits magazine. The Citrine Socklets caught my eye once I got past the Koolhaus hat.

But it had cables and short row heels/toes, and it kind of overwhelmed me.

As you can see, I got over being overwhelmed. :)

The yarn was a little different guage-wise than what the pattern called for, so I had to switch up the needles. (I'll have to check and see which ones they ended up being...) And the length before the heel was too long for me, so I deleted a rep. But aside from those changes, I followed the instructions, or tried to, as best I could.

It was definitely a learning experience, and if you look at the socks closely, you can see evidences of that quite easily. Lol! Which is one reason why I chose the shots I did. :D

I'd try this pattern again. Cabling was a pain! But the results... oooooh the results... Yes it was very worthwhile.


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