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heirloom memory

A long time ago, a pretty lady taught me a crochet pattern. It builds diagonally, with blocks, and can be used to make shawls, squares, blankies, vests, etc.

Below is a receiving blanket, made with baby acrylic, and a hook 2 or 3 sizes larger than what the yarn calls for.

And here's a quick & dirty description of the pattern:
*Chain 6, dc in 4th stitch from hook, 2 dc to give 4 total.* That forms the first block. Repeat from * to *. This forms the second block. Slip stitch to join the blocks so that one is vertically oriented and one is horizontally oriented. Now 4 dc across that first block. This forms the third block. Repeat from * to *. This forms the fourth block. Slip stitch to join new block to rest, remembering that blocks side by side will be polarized. After a few rows, you should see that you are making a triangle. Eventually you will finish a diagonal row and instead of chaining 6, you will turn the work and slip stitch back across the just finished block. Now you will make blocks to fill in the blank space to finish your geometric shape.

Sound confusing? Give me a shout and I'll give you a write-up.

Have you heard of it/done it before? Does it have a name? If you know a name for it, I'd love to know. The pretty lady was mum on that aspect.


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