so much yarn... so little time!



A couple of stripey hats for your perusal!


Yarn used was Homespun, the hook was my trusty N (9mm?), and the pattern was sc's over and over again. Joining was by ss then ch 1 before the first sc, color changes were done by pulling up the new color to finishing the last sc of old color. It's an easy, fun go; I like these hats muchly!


Yarn used was Bernat Baby Softee, needles were US 6, I think (size doesn't matter so much for these hats). The pattern was a 2x2 ribbing for the brim and then a k3 p1 for the rest of the hat. The striping was my own addition; I was playing with color.

The first hat was done entirely from stashed yarn, the second was mostly stash, but then I had to buy some more to finish it. So the stashbusting is still on track. Yay!


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