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We are at the tail end of an amigurumi swap over at the 'Ville. Yay for swaps!

I like making amigurumi, although I just call them stuffed animals. :) I like the fact that they are cuddly, and squishy, and that I can usually throw them into the washer if they get dirty. Most of all I like the handmade quality about them.
My partner sent me some fabulous amigurumi, shown above (along with some neat patterns and a magnet/keychain-thingy). It's kind of funny actually, because I had seen the patterns for the lemur and the frog, and had wanted to do them. I just hadn't gotten around to getting the patterns and eyes. So her gift in that respect was like she was inside my head.
My favorite though, is the mouse. :D I'm grown, but I still want to sit on my couch with it and tell it stories. Isn't that silly? Lol.
Karen, you're very very cool. And I'm glad to have been your partner. :)


At 14/11/08, Blogger Zola said...

Awesome Maxi!!!


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