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Not an interesting title I suppose, but a terribly intersting reality for me. :) I decided to go full tilt and knit my first sweater, and used the 3x Chic pattern from Knitty. The first picture below is the swatch I did. I knew what yarn I wanted to use, and since it wasn't the right weight (worsted, instead of bulky), swatching was an inevitability. So I made one, and actually washed it as well, as I wanted to make sure of the drape. Happily it was a success! I show it to you below, because I am so proud of it. Lol!

The next step was to actually knit the thing, which I did with glee. Well, not quite glee, but it was definitely an organically joyful thing to see the panels taking shape in front of my eyes.

After knitting, I blocked the front and back panels (shown below), as well as the sleeves (not shown). This was my first blocking experience, by the way. I didn't have enough pins, but I could certainly see the difference in the post- and pre-blocked fabric. Verdict? Blocking is worth the time/effort.

Lastly I whip-stitched everything together, finished off the neckline, and tried it on. Joy of joys, it fit! Not only that, but I really really like it.

So out of one pattern, I have learned more than one thing: blocking, sewing inset sleeves while adjusting for different shapes, and picking up and kniting a neckline. Three for one is a pretty good deal, don't you think?

The only difference that I made in working with this pattern was the yarn. I used Wool Ease double stranded; two colors of yarn worked together gave a lovely variegated effect.


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