so much yarn... so little time!



Behold the goodies that arrived chez moi recently! Aren't they fabulous?! Yes, I think so too.

I shall detail them for you. Lol!

Not shown are the catnip cat toys. They had already been taken out of the reach of the feline with which I share my living space; he rightly decided they were for him and was on his way to opening up the plastic on his own before I removed them. We shall play with them a bit later, never fear!

Shown are two packets of very pretty note cards (Cathy, how did you know I needed some?), some tea that I am so looking forward to tasting (berry flavored!), a lovely yellow bag (yay!) that I will use for carrying small projects in, and an extremely cute pair of tiger-in-the-fall-leaves socks (yes, I named them; do not laugh too hard).

I feel very pampered by my swap partner. She is wonderful!


At 2/10/08, Blogger Patti said...

You are one lucky person! I too loved my toasty tootsie package. Perfect name for your socks, lol.


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