so much yarn... so little time!


mmm, very very cool

Took part in a yarn swap over at the 'Ville. It was a whole lotta fun, picking out the yarns to go in my partner's box, and it was also a whole lotta fun opening my box from her.

Items involved a lovely note (thank you!), yarn of the most touchable variety (glee!), yummy sweet things (glee again!), a very nice notebook (thumbs up!), and, last and most excellent, a handmade crochet hook, plus a doily (awe!).

I am in awe of the doily and the hook, and the skill in the hands that made them both. I have no other words to express how fabulous they are. I will definitely be looking for a frame for the doily. As for the hook, wow, I think I will spend a lot of time just playing with it and running my fingers over it in admiration.

Maria, you are excellently cool! :D

goodies from yarn swap
I've taken part in a few swaps over at the 'Ville, and I must say that the swappers are very cool people. I'm proud to swap with them. Yes indeed. :)