so much yarn... so little time!


de-stashing pause

The destashing has taken a pause as I'm mixed up in yet another swap over at the 'Ville. This time it's a purse/tote swap. Swaps are cool. Lol.

The pattern I'm using involves rows and rows of scs. While I really enjoy making toys and hats with sc, doing a larger project with that is on the verge of getting to me. Happily I really like the yarn I'm using. I'd say more, but I want it to be a surprise for my partner. After she gets the package, I'll post a pic. ...Or maybe I'll grab pics of the pieces and post them as a teaser...



before felting

after felting
I admit that I am a little pressed as to seeing the differences in the before and after shots...

The yarn is Patons Merino (worsted), the hook is a J, and the before vs. after dimensions are 5x6.75, and 4.75x6. <--All dimensions are in inches.

This was my first attempt at the whole felting experience. I ran the swatch with a small load of laundry using a top loading machine, and the hot/cold short cycle. Then I threw it into the dryer (hot setting) because I really couldn't tell the difference post- vs pre-washing. Final analysis: there was some shrinkage, and the stitches came together some. It didn't quite look like the felting that I've seen... and I'm not sure why...

Perhaps next time I'll use a smaller hook?



The modules are put together, the edging is done, and all those little bits of yarn that I thought wouldn't be so bad to weave in (and turned out to be horrendously tedious) are taken care of. All in all, now that it is done, I like it more than when I started.
hexagon baby blanket, in pink with yellow accents