so much yarn... so little time!


baby sweater

There is a great pattern for a baby sweater over at CrochetMe. Go and check it out. They also have examples of how it turned out for some of the crochet-ers on staff.

I tried it, and sure enough it was easy and quick. A great holiday gift to anyone with a small one. And if you're interested in modifying the size, the good folk over at C'Ville can certainly help you out with that. Just search for BICO.

As the pattern suggested, I used homespun. But I used a slightly smaller hook (J), and I didn't use their buttons. And I added a third button hole. *sigh* I think I am incapable of following a pattern strictly. Lol!! But it turned out okay, in my most humble opinion, and I'm in the process of doing another one, this time with a K-hook. I think I'll keep my style of buttons though. They are easier. :)


63 squares

I got involved with a CAL over at C'ville that involved making an afghan out of 63 squares, each different from the other. This sucker took forever! Most likely because I bought yarn as needed, instead of all at once, and because I had a couple of other projects going at the same time. I'm glad I did have multiple pots on the fire though because there were quite a few times when I was SO frustrated by the squares.

At any rate, it's done. And inspite of myself, I'm considering picking up the booklet for the 63 More Squares afghan and joining that CAL. What can I say, it's pretty fascinating learning new stitches. Lol.

So here are the pictures: