so much yarn... so little time!


blips and bloops

I've been playing around with the yarn of late. I don't have any special projects on the hooks/needles, so I'm doodling about, trying to continue the stash busting.

First off, we have a dishcloth, done with size US 4 needles and worsted weight cotton. Can you see what the interior pattern is? It took me more than a while to decipher it myself. Maybe I'll try it again in a solid and see if the design shows up clearer, although I like the idea of shadow designs.

And here we have what happens when I don't completely read the instructions before starting to obey the chart. The general look started out kind of okay, but then I read what I should have been doing. When I changed my ways, the result was much different than the picture above. I ended up ripping the whole thing out about 4 or 5 vertical inches later when I lost track of where I was. That's what I get for trying to knit while doing laundry. Multi-tasking is not my forté, that is for sure.



I caved and went searching for the Interweave Holiday Knits magazine. And my quest was successful; I managed to snag one of the last 2 copies at my local B&N. Color me very very happy about the purchase, especially since I was drooling over the Koolhaas hat that I saw on BrooklynTweed's blog. His photos are amazing!

In other news, not much on the hook except a laptop case that I'm out of yarn for. And on the needles I'm trying out a new dishcloth pattern.

Anywho, hopefully I'll have pics for the next post!



I finally have batteries for my camera, and therefore here are a couple pics of the recently completed afghan. The first picture is a little dark, but something about it I like, probably the fact that it makes the textured squares pop a little more. In case you wonder about the colors, they are Caron Brites Lemonade and Limelight; I think the purple edging is Grape. It was a simpler edging than the book had, but I like the simplicity. And I enjoy those three colors together, so I might just have to do another piece with those them.

head on picture of the afghan

afghan side shot