so much yarn... so little time!


update -- stash busting

I looked in my yarn closet the other day and was appalled. Yes I like the yarn, it is true. I enjoy touching it, and rubbing it on my face, and even smelling it. However, the amount of scrap yarn present is beginning to give me the heebies. So at the moment I'm working on putting some of the Baby Econo (Red Heart) to good use by making another one of the hexagon module blankets. When all is said and done, I'll post a pic before sending it away.

...Although come to think of it, my friend is quite pregnant, so perhaps I'll give it to her. I'll have to check and see if the happy couple has specific colors picked out. They are very artistic, and although I love them and they love me, I totally believe that if I give them something not of their color scheme, it WILL be re-gifted. Lol.


cable tunic

cable tunic, hip lengthThis tunic worked up quicker than I expected, and I enjoyed the cable pattern on the front. However, inspite of the fact that I did a swatch at the start, the tunic ended up being a size too big for me. I'm not linking to a pattern for this particular FO as I got the pattern online, and I'm not totally certain about copyright stuff. The design is pretty simple though, with the cabling on the front panel, and scs throughout the back and sleeves. The only thing that was odd was in the sleeve tapering, but I think that there might have been other, more basal problems than in the pattern itself (=user error. lol!!!).

...There is a small chance that I switched hooks along the way; there was a period of time where the back panel languished in my yarn closet. And there is also the fact that the projects being worked in the middle of this one may have encouraged a loosening in my stitch tension. I'm not quite sure what went awry here. But even with the largeness of the FO, I still like it a great deal, and wear it often as a lounging garment.

Once again, K modeled this for me. Thanks, K!