so much yarn... so little time!


black hole

Certain projects are more time consuming than others. The one I'm working on at the moment is one of those for sure. I work at it and work at it, and the progress is sloooooow. And along the way I find more parts that irritate me. That being said, when it's done, it's going to be beautiful. And after I write up the corrections, perhaps I'll make another one out of very very light wool. Maybe.

Pictured here is the body, front and back panels. The sleeves are almost done, after which I have to widen out the body about 3 more inches and then put all the pieces together.

Hook size is a 3.25mm, and the yarn is Bernat's Baby, in antique white. The yarn is pretty friendly, and the repetitions within the pattern are easy to memorize.

The problem comes in the pattern. I've done this blouse before, and I had the hardest time working through the pattern. I got the guage right (or so I thought), but even so, the blouse ended up at least a size too big, plus the sleeves could have fit a small moose. This time I got a better guage, and modified the math, and it is looking to be perfect in length, sleeve, neck, but too narrow. Lol. Talk about frustrating!

I am definitely going to re-write this pattern after I'm done. Definitely. As for where I got the pattern, I'll hunt around and see if I can find the link. It was an old one that Annie's Attic featured as a free daily.


construction flag

I figure if I begin to post on a regular basis again, it will help me get my WIPs out of that bin and into the FO bin. At least that is the plan. :)

Of course, it would help if I didn't have to frog. And it would also help if I crocheted faster. Lol!

Here's something that is currently folded away until I get more of the Patons SWS (nice yarn to work with, btw):

sweet raglan tee
It's the raglan tee pattern that was posted over at CrochetMe. I'd link there, but they've undergone a format change recently and now you need to register to see stuff. I'm a little hurt about that. So, no link. Sorry.


visible progress

I was going to say "audible" progress, you know, in contrast to the previous post. But then I realized that that didn't make any sense; most likely you're reading this, not hearing it.

At any rate, here's one of the projects I've been working on:

bag with flap open
bag with flap closed

It's a laptop bag, my own design. The pictures are pre-felting, and yes I'm missing a strap. I haven't yet decided if I want to make it out of cotton, acrylic, buy a leather one, go cloth or plastic, etc. There are many possibilities for finishing this one up...

I like the colors. The lighting differed between the pics, in case you wonder about the shade change.