so much yarn... so little time!



Ooooh, more stashbusting!

Here we have 2 hats that came from the recently productive push. They were done in Bernat yarn (a dk weight) with a 5mm (US H) hook. Simple circular work with double crochets and half double crochets, and made to fit newborns.

Good times with the hook and yarn. :)


small happy things

I have new little cousins, and it behooved me to make them something as a welcome-to-here gift. So I made two pairs of baby socks.

They were done from a generic infant sock pattern, mixed with a feather-and-fan baby sock pattern. Both are available at Knitting Pattern Central if you do a search. That is a great site, by the way. You should definitely check it out.

I used size 1 needles and Bernat's Baby yarn (two different colors). Socks are lots of fun to do, and baby socks even more fun because they go quickly. That being said, I made the socks on a deadline and it kinda sucked some of the joy out of them. Lol! By the time I grafted the last toe, I was so relieved!

But the gift was appreciated, and that made my heart so warm. :) That's why gift giving can be the best in the world, that feeling when the person smiles back and says thank you.


warm hands cold fingers

On a whim, the other day I made some fingerless gloves. Okay, okay, it was because I wanted to show up a friend; but in the nicest way possible, I promise. :) Plus the fact that my office gets so cold that my fingers stiffen up.

I picked Fetching, from Knitty's 2006 Summer Issue (their patterns are so excellent!). The changes that I made were to use US size 4 needles (3.5mm), to cast on 40 sts instead of the suggested 45, to put in an extra repeat of the cables, to shorten the hand part below the thumb, and to lengthen the hand part above the thumb.

Overall I like the way that they came out. They worked up quickly and the cabling got easier the more I did it. The yarn used was Patons SWS, from my stash.

And speaking of stash, I am happy to say that I have yet to buy yarn in 2009. :) The stash busting continues!