so much yarn... so little time!


better this way

I like Patons SWS yarn. :)

Here are some socks made with it.

Needles were 3.5mm, and the pattern is my own.

The stripes get a big thumbs up, as does the slightly slippery feel against my feet and the kitchen floor. Yay!



Interweave Knit's Holiday Gifts edition in 2007 was quite good. There was a baby kimono in there that I very much wanted to do, but I got stuck in the increases and decreases along the line of the edge so I gave up on the kimono. However, the motif pattern stayed in my mind and wouldn't leave me alone. So I did a scarf out of it.

I used Bernat's Baby for the yarn, and a US-5 circular needle.

Here's the motif up close.

This scarf felt like it was never going to be finished. Lol! But now that it is, I think I may be ready to tackle the baby kimono. Now, if only I had a girl baby to knit for. :D


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Not too much text today. Just a couple of pictures mostly. :)

Here we have the pretty pretty princess, just having put on her tiara.

Later on that day, we have the same pretty pretty princess with her shrug on, ready to go outside and tell peasants that their taxes are once again to be raised.
The pattern is a slightly modified stuffed bear pattern, and the hook used was probably a 5 mm (US-H) or thereabouts. :) The shrug was made off the cuff, since princesses always need extra accessories.


a bit of lace

I have no excuses for my absence. :) So here's a bit of lace to start the catch up, because I didn't stop crafting or anything like that.

lace scarf It's a simple lace scarf, made with a yarn called Fragrance. The pattern is on the label and while I used needles not quite the right size (US 9, 5.5mm), it turned out quite all right anyhow.

The yarn is nice to hold and works up incredibly light and airy, but it is a bit scratchy on my neck at first go. It's also supposed to be hand washable, so I don't really want to give it away. A dilemma indeed.

But why did I pick the yarn in the first place you might ask? Well it didn't seem like it was going to be scratchy, and it was part of a class. What can you do? Besides, I don't like to pass up an opportunity to try new yarns. :D