so much yarn... so little time!


head sizes

I used this particular pattern, following it with the F-hook, Caron's Simply Soft yarn, and all. My FO comes remarkably close to the picture shown on the craftown page. But as to the size! The circumference of this hat turned out to be about 8 inches. 8 inches! That is tiny! Are premies' heads really this small?

Color me in awe.


yarn gift

My s.o. gave me yarn for my birthday! How exciting. Yarn and sock/slipper patterns. The thing is that 3 skeins out of the 6 are homespun. Which I am not familiar with at all. So the other night I break out a skein and try to start a sock pattern. Bad news all over! I like the feel, but socks will not be made with this yarn! Nope, uh-huh, no way! Perhaps a granny square afghan instead.

But it was so sweet a thought!



I'm starting a christmas list early this year, of what I want to give folk. I figure perhaps if I start now, I'll actually have stuff to give. Unlike this year, which, although merry, was kind of a bust.
For dad: a hat
For mom: a scarf
For sis: an amigurumi bear
For bro: a blanket
For Greta T: an amigurumi lemur
Of course, the amigurumi stuff is dependent on more than 1 factor. We shall see how it goes.


other projects

Although I'm quite excited to be crocheting socks, a lot of my crochet time has lately been going towards making items for Stitches from the Heart boxes. Although the group is primarily directed towards premie babies, they do take all sorts of baby clothes and accessories.
I think it's an excellent idea!


cotton candy

i used a TLC pink worsted for this pair of socks, and the pattern from
here. i liked the modular nature of this pattern, but the joining joining joining made me a little frustrated. my counting skills are less than excellent i must admit. :D it also seemed like it took more time to complete the project, although on looking at both pairs (winter's night & cotton candy) side by side, the pink ones look a bit smaller, with less yardage.
perhaps if i try the pattern again with a sport weight yarn, things will be easier? we shall see.