so much yarn... so little time!



I'm working on another afghan, the one from the 63 more squares booklet. It's number 2146, and here's a link to Leisure Arts.
So far, I have 9 squares done. I'm working them so that I can piece together the vertical panels as I get them done. The whole waiting until I'm done and pieceing everything together was not too fun when I did the 63 squares afghan, so I'd like to make the assembling process easier this go-round. My colors are Lemonade and Limelight (Caron Brites), and I plan to join and do the final edging in a bright purple, if I can find it. Alternately I might try an orange... we'll see how it goes.
And here is a sample of how the squares will look. They aren't in the order that they will appear in the final afghan though...