so much yarn... so little time!


a winter's night

Completed using the pattern from this particular site, with a J-hook, and red heart yarn, worsted weight.
my first pair of socks, made because i saw her site. and also because the idea of crocheting socks seems like such a cool idea.
turned out to be a lot easier than i expected, once i dropped the idea of stopping each round and beginning the next. instead i went ahead and continued my rounds without stopping.

crochet & me

i like to crochet.

i don't like to show off my work so much. however the forum that i'm on won't upload photos from my computer, so i've started this blog.

and i think as time goes by, i'll appreciate having an on-line diary, so to speak, of what i'm doing. and hopefully i'll get to know other crochet-ers along the way. that would be neat.