so much yarn... so little time!



Yea, and the destashing continues apace. I had some yarn (acrylic, worsted weight) lying about, I had some US 8, 5mm needles lying about also, and I had a pattern that, while it didn't match what I was looking for, it at least gave me a place to start.

fluke scarfThe increases were done at the ends of rows, one per each row, yarn overs. And the decreases were done in the center of rows, one per each row, k2tog. Stitch pattern = simple garter. My beginning part was the more rounded end, and the ending part was the liver fluke end.

I was hoping for symmetry, but that was not the case, and while I think it has to do with where I placed my decreases, I'm not sure.

Survey says!: although surprising, I like the result, and I will wear the scarf in public.



I had some Blue Sky alpaca/silk sock yarn in my stash. It was given as a gift and I just couldn't find the right pattern to use it with. And then this past winter I got the Interweave Holiday Knits magazine. The Citrine Socklets caught my eye once I got past the Koolhaus hat.

But it had cables and short row heels/toes, and it kind of overwhelmed me.

As you can see, I got over being overwhelmed. :)

The yarn was a little different guage-wise than what the pattern called for, so I had to switch up the needles. (I'll have to check and see which ones they ended up being...) And the length before the heel was too long for me, so I deleted a rep. But aside from those changes, I followed the instructions, or tried to, as best I could.

It was definitely a learning experience, and if you look at the socks closely, you can see evidences of that quite easily. Lol! Which is one reason why I chose the shots I did. :D

I'd try this pattern again. Cabling was a pain! But the results... oooooh the results... Yes it was very worthwhile.



My old kitchen scrubbies were wearing out, so I knit up a couple more for the practice in stitching, and to use up some cotton that was lying about. I'm still working on the destashing kick. By hook or by needle I will get the stash down to what I see as a manageable level! I will!

*cough* Anyway:

Regular worsted weight, and size 8 (5mm) needles. The blue one on the right is garter stitch, and the multicolored one on the left is a k2, p2 alternating (if I remember arightly). Used for washing dishes (right), and cleaning counters (left).

After those two, I decided to get creative and do a body wash cloth:

Same size needles, with the pattern being k2, p2 for two rows and then p2, k2 for the next two rows. I liked the way it turned out, but for the next cloth, I'll go down one or two sizes on the needles for a closer fabric. This one becomes more holey than I appreciate when wet.

I like the way the fabric works up though, and my beta tester was impressed by how well it worked. I know its early, but I think I may keep it in mind for Christmas time. Or even birthdays/housewarmings. Ahh the possibilities!